Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should be Aware Of

Most skin cancer is found in areas on the body that receive the most amount of sun exposure. Common areas are your hands, arms, face and chest. Less common areas are your ears, lips, neck, scalp, bottom of your feet and under your fingernails.

Skin cancers will most likely show up as a suspicious freckle, mole or spot but this does depend on the type of skin cancer. Below we will go over the various types of skin cancer.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma are most common where you get the most sun exposure, but have been known to appear on your genitals or the inside of your mouth. Squamous cell carcinoma tumors can take to a variety of forms. These could be a firm red nodule, ulcer in the mouth, flat lesion with a scaly crust or a red raised patch on your genitals. It is also known to cause itching which will irritate and inflame the skin

Actinic Keratosis will appear as a crusty or scaly lesion. It will typically show up on your ears, face, scalp, lips, neck, shoulders or forearms. These areas are exposed to the sun more frequently and are sometimes so small that you can only find them by touch. It will feel like a small piece of sandpaper on your skin.

According to Las Vegas Dermatologist Dr. Ken Landow, Basal Cell Carcinoma usually appears as a waxy bump and appears on the parts of your body that are exposed to the most sun.

Melanoma is the worst type of skin cancer and is the deadliest. For men it will develop on the head, back, neck and chest. For women it most often appears on their legs.